Medical examinations and treatments in clinics of Switzerland

Medical Service: medical examinations and treatments in clinics of Switzerland

Provenimus AG offers you services for organization of examinations, therapeutic, surgical and post-operative treatments in the Swiss leading hospitals.

You want to be examined and get a full consultation due to your health problem, you have been already diagnosed in another country and you want to know the “second opinion”, you need surgery or post-operative rehabilitation? We will help you to find the best specialists and the best clinic in Switzerland to solve your specific problems. Highly qualified special

Highly qualified specialists, modern equipment, high-quality medicines, high quality patient care are the key to the full recovery and to the normal life.

If you have no immediate complaints, but you want to know details about your health, we can offer you a complete medical examination: Medical Check-up. Depending on your age and sex clinic will offer you complete a comprehensive survey, which takes 1-2 days. Before it starts, you will be informed its duration and its cost.

We are ready to provide all possible assistance in purchasing high quality medicines in Switzerland.

In order for you to make a reservation an appointment with a specialist, we need to know: your name, your date of birth, home address, approximate diagnosis (or complaints), as well as the dates of your stay in Switzerland. The clinic will study your particular case. We receive a concrete financial offer from the clinic and only then you can you make a final decision, if you accept this offer or not. You do not make any prepayments to our company; you pay bills for examination or treatment directly to the clinic.

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