Relocation Service

Relocation Service

Are you going to move with your family in the Switzerland? Do you plan to move your company into Switzerland?

Moving, changing place and contry entail a variety of concerns and problems. We specialize in a wide range of services for moving to a new country. We will do everything that your life starts comfortably in the new place.



We consult, plan and organize. We take over the entire moving process:

  • Organization of containers for the transport of personal belongings in Switzerland and throughout the world. Organization of the entire transport process to the place of residence.
  • Completion of all customs formalities for the import of your objects, including the importation of art objects and cars.
  • Transportation of pets. Organization of transport, registration and veterinary documentation.
  • Preparation of new home for your arrival: order of furniture, curtains, blinds, household appliances, cleaning.


  • Orientation in your new place of residence. Consultations: Living and working in the Switzerland.
  • Completion of administrative matters: Registration in the place of residence. Legal and tax investigations.
  • Detailed consultations for the educational system in the Switzerland. Organization of visits to schools and kindergartens. Registration and admission to school and kindergarten. Accompaniment of child in the first months of school.
  • Language courses for adults and children.
  • Opening of bank account.
  • Conclusion of the contract for telephone, television and Internet service.
  • Detailed consultation about the health insurance system in Switzerland. Insurance policies for all family members.
  • Conclusion of necessary contracts for real estate, cars and personal insurance.
  • Transcribe of foreign driving’s license.
  • Selection of House employees: staff, gardener, nanny for your children.
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