Go East


Tapping into emerging markets in Eastern Europe and Russia is not a costless transaction. PROVENIMUS minimises costs and maximises opportunities in these markets.

Do You Wish to:

  • Extend your markets to Eastern Europe and Russia?
  • Increase efficiencies in your value chain by transferring elements to low-cost countries?
  • Source materials from Eastern Europe?
  • Invest in local business and real estate?
  • Establish your own production site within Eastern Europe and Russia?
  • Do you lack the linguistic skills, cultural awareness, local know how and necessary networks to achieve this?

Our legal, financial and economic expertise together with our extensive network of business, technical and institutional connections and local knowledge provides security, reduced costs and speedy completion for your project.

We know the economies, legal frameworks, languages and business cultures of the countries in Eastern Europe, in particular Poland, Ukraine and Russia. Our established relationships with consultants and agents throughout this region provides a local presence and ability to acquire, coordinate and control the resources you need in that location and minimise risks.

Our expertise and networks enable you to confidently and swiftly make informed decisions and to concentrate on what you do best.

Hotel Ukraine. Kiev, Ukraine

Among our core team are specialists in the following competencies:

Legal Services

Import, Export and Customs regulations and polices.

Human Resource Management

Geo-Political Analysis

Investment and Asset Management

Accounting and Taxes

Market Analysis

Intercultural Competence, Marketing and Communications

Real Estate

Our core team is complemented by a vast network of local consultants and agents that can provide local specialists for your industry.