Come West

Come West

A highly skilled workforce; a stable political and economic environment and advanced quality of life makes doing business in Switzerland attractive. PROVENIMUS turns this attraction into a reality for Eastern European companies and enterprises.

Do You Wish to:

  • Tap into the Swiss markets?
  • Invest in Swiss enterprises?
  • Relocate your business and/or family to Switzerland?
  • Benefit from the highly skilled workforce in Switzerland and its innovative service sector?
  • Establish a company in Switzerland?
  • Do you lack the linguistic skills, cultural awareness, local networks, local knowledge and expertise to achieve this?

With our primary base in Switzerland, PROVENIMUS is well placed to advise, facilitate and manage your entry into the Swiss market. We provide seamless access to a range of relevant expertise, local knowledge and service provision to enable you to navigate the legal and policy frameworks with ease.

We offer a range of packages that can be tailored to your business needs from the initial market analysis of opportunities and threats, through to the realisation of the business concept and the acquisition of the relevant personnel and other resources.

For our clients seeking to relocate to Switzerland, we offer a tailor made integration package to provide you and your family with a smooth transition into your new country of residence.

Our core team is complemented by a vast network of local consultants and agents that can provide local specialists for your industry.